Painted Rust EP

by Painted Rust

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released December 8, 2010

Recorded by Pete Lloyd for One Stone Recordings



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Painted Rust Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: A Bitter End
Disposition to the murder of life
Psychotic realm of mental mazes
Ridden with lust for the end of it all
Divination of cruel fate
A labyrinth of riddles entwined with a lack of compassion
Malicious and forceful
Dream in black
Voids of punishment await
Cold consciousness, defeated hopes
Descend into this endless rot
So bitter, so pale
Lethargic rivers of helplessness
Endless drowning in oceans of defeat
Transcend mortality, conceive misanthropy
Track Name: A Constant Desire
I've seen this end before my eyes
Relive this pain in solitude
Disconnected from being
Is the truth what is seen?
Is it veiled for pleasure of the eye?
Contemplate existence: absurd and futile
Question eternity, what is the point?
Nonsensical endurance is an irrelevant truth
To not will my being is rape of my time
I long to long no more
Soulless carcass of flesh and dirt, a feast of memories for the living

I've seen the end within your eyes
Ceaseless torment

Breathe and believe to see the hidden truth beyond the veil
Obey your senses because there is nothing there
Regret to exist, regret to survive
Kill your identity, kill your being
Contemplate existence
Absurd and futile
Live hollow
End yourself with one decision
End yourself with desire
Track Name: A Belligerent Apathy
You wear tattered flesh as your armor
You parade in skin which is not yours
Impenetrable shroud of fermenting envy
Dripping with a coat of intoxicating lies

A horde of brainless drones at your command
Lack of rebellion, lack of self

My approach to this all: Laissez-faire, let them fail

Let them learn
Let them pain
Let them die
Let them fall

They will learn from the error
They will fall victim
Track Name: A Failed Breath
Visuals that only reality fearlessly creates
Invading your psyche, defiling your sense
Only a god can will such horrors
Palms stained with blood of men
No creation is free
Trapped in the cage of life

There are no more souls to sell

This nightmare is alive
A failed breath
This nightmare is alive

This nightmare...
This fucking nightmare...
A failed breath within this nightmare